12-Year-Old Dog Takes ‘Freedom Walk’ Out Of Shelter Where She’s Lived For 6 Yrs

Sandi, a 12-year-old Pit Bull Boxer mix, has lived at the Marion-Grant County Humane Society in Indiana for more than six years, which is longer than any employee has worked there.Staff believed that Sandi was a stray, but her life before the shelter is unknown. Nevertheless, the staff grew to love her and always hoped that she would someday find a home.

That day finally came when Sandi was adopted by Erin and Cary Rhodes, who have been grieving after their own dog passed away. Once they saw Sandi, they couldn’t keep their minds off of her and knew they had to adopt her.In a big celebration, Sandi took her “freedom walk” out of the only place she’s called home for the past 2,461 days. She wore a crown to greet her new parents as she happily strutted down a red carpet.

“This is why we didn’t give up on her,” Christy, a shelter employee told CBS News. “We knew she would find her forever home sometime.

And it’s OK if it takes a little time to find her the right home. Then we don’t have to worry about her coming back or anything bad happening to her. She kind of ran the place. She’s kind of the boss.”

The shelter posted the video of Sandi’s freedom walk on Facebook, which has since gone viral. It has made a huge impact and has even garnered attention and helped other dogs at MGCHS potentially get adopted.