16 Year Old Kitty Finds Love Again After Losing The Only Home He’s Ever Known

There is nothing more heartbreaking than a senior pet losing their home. Pets should live out their golden years comfortable with their family and when they can’t, they often become scared and confused.When this 16 year old cat named Orion lost the only home he ever knew, he went to live at the Kitty Adventure Rescue League located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Feeling sad, the frightened kitty hid himself away.After one long week hiding, the precious kitty decided he had enough and came out of hiding to explore his surroundings. Much to his surprise, there was a lot of love waiting for him.He began to make friends with the other cats and got to know the staff.

Once comfortable, his cute personality began to shine and he loved and purred on the people and kitties living at the rescue.

Certainly Orion wonders why his life was disrupted and wonders where his people went, but he’s happy in his new home and learning to enjoy his new life. The best part is his new home is committed to taking care of him for the rest of his life.

The Kitty Adventure Rescue League:

“We are a feline retirement home located in Dallas/Fort Worth. We provide life-long love, vet care, and comfort for forgotten and abandoned cats throughout the United States.”

The rescue does adopt out homes to the right families:

“Our focus is on the positive aspects of having a senior pet. In addition to seniors, we also take in younger special needs cats, as space and financial ability allow. While adoption isn’t our main focus (as we aim to be the forever home of any cat that comes to live with us), we do adopt out to the right families.”