18-year-old pit bull mix in shelter is desperate for ‘forever home’

Life isn’t always easy for a senior dog. According to the American Kennel Club, dogs can experience vision problems, joint issues, arthritis, cognitive issues, and heart disease as they age.Much like humans. As it turns out, humans and dogs need the same thing to get them through the difficulties of aging.

And that thing is a whole lot of love.That’s why Kiss My Paws Rescue of Las Vegas is looking for people to adopt senior dogs like Kane.“He bumps, he knocks things over. I have glass doors. He has trouble distinguishing whether the doors are open, so he bangs into the doors a lot,” Kane’s foster Carole Sandy told FOX5Vegas.

Poor Kane, a large pit bull mix, is deaf, has arthritis, bad teeth, is going blind in one eye, and can’t see great with the other.

“He’s a wonderful dog. He just needs a real soft bed to spend the rest of his months, I doubt years. He’s really old. Certainly, the rest of his months. He’ll give it back with as much love as you can handle,” said Sandy.

Kane has been waiting to be adopted since the fall. Sandy says Kane’s scenario is typical of what dog agencies have been dealing with when it comes to trying to get larger and senior dogs adopted lately.

The smaller, younger fluffy can go in a day.
But bigger dogs like Kane and his friends, Bobby the Husky Malamute, and Baby the Weimaraner take longer to get adopted. This can be because it’s harder to find a rentable apartment that allows larger dogs.

Sandy says it also has to do with the economy.

They’ve seen an uptick in surrenders of people who can’t afford rent and are forced to move into apartments that don’t accept large dogs.
With costs on the rise and the government’s lack of action to offer relief for American families, many people aren’t comfortable with footing the cost of caring for a larger dog.

“The amount of adoptions are not equaling the amount of surrenders that we’re getting,” said Melanie Shayne, founder of Kiss My Paws Rescue.

Never mind the cost of caring for a senior dog, which can include vet bills, medication, and surgery on top of food and basic care.

Kane’s care could cost hundreds if not thousands.
“He’s a wonderful companion. He’s very friendly. He’s very easy. He walks beautifully on a lease. He doesn’t ask for a lot. He’s really happy to just lay on the floor by your feet,” said Sandy.

What these dogs really need most is someone to love them and give them a happy home, including Kane.

That’s why Kiss My Paws Rescue is offering to cover Kane’s medical needs if someone will foster him until he’s ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

As mentioned before Kane isn’t the only one in need of rescue.
There are other senior dogs at Kiss My Paws Rescue and at rescues and shelters around the county who are in need of a loving home.

You can learn more about adopting from Kiss My Paws at kissmypawsrescue.org or find a senior pet near you at adoptapet.com/adopt-a-senior-pet.

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