2 Homeless Mama Dogs Support Each Other As They Raise Their 9 Puppies Together

Thelma and Louise are 2 mama dogs who were found struggling to survive on the streets of Los Angeles, California. They had both given births recently, and were caring for their 9 puppies together. The rescuers were amazed to see the mama dogs’ dedication toward each other.The staff at “Northwest Dog Project” had no way to identify Thelma and Louise’s puppies apart as the little ones were equally attached to both their mamas.

In fact, the mama dogs seemed to have figured out the benefits of shared motherhood too!Rescuers shared a heartwarming video of the family of 11 looking out for each other. Both Thelma and Louise took turns nursing each other’s puppies as their own and playing with them. The shelter feels that the 2 mamas’ combined effort as a team is what helped them survive on the harsh streets.

The puppies are now old enough and ready for their forever homes. They are all incredibly loving puppies as they were nurtured by not one but two mothers. Let’s put the word out and help these sweet munchkins find homes.

Update: The shelter has updated that all the puppies have been adopted! 9 amazing families came forward and picked a puppy of their choice.

As for Thelma and Louise, the shelter has decided to let the bonded pair stay together forever! What a great ending for this blended family!