2 Month Old German Shepherd Puppy Meets Duckling For The First Time

Making friends is so much fun but when this German shepherd puppy meets a duckling for the first time, the cuteness going on at this pool is irresistible.A two-month-old German shepherd named Rocky is hanging out by the kidding pool, meeting his new duckling friend for the first time. The duck is in the water with the adorable Rocky checking him out.

Rocky is totally enamored with the cute duck, which stays just out of reach of the curious puppy. As Rocky circles the pool, the duckling moves away as if he’s not ready to let the puppy get too close.Rocky is determined to get closer to the duckling and puts a paw in the pool but is not yet ready to take the leap into the water with the duck.

But within several more circles around the pool, four tiny paws are in the water and the duck is quack, quack, quacking away at the puppy.

The cute Rocky then sniffs the duck and the two of them are just too cute. Now that the two are up close, the duck seems relaxed having decided that Rocky is a friend, after all.

Once done, Rocky tries to haul his puppy butt out of the water, which is also adorable to see. On dry land, the puppy starts getting a little more excited and takes some curious puppy nibbles on the duck, clearly enjoying himself. But what a good puppy, he’s so gentle and listens to his mom.

Unable to stand it, the puppy is back in the pool nibbling on the tail feathers of his friend. Once back out, the pool has more water in it so the duck is happily swimming around while Rocky watches his new friend.

These two will sure be making some fun memories together.