3 Dogs Help Injured Dog Walker Survive 2 Days In The Wilderness


Annette Poitras, a dog walker in Coquitlam, British Columbia, is lucky to be alive after falling and injuring herself on Monday. The 3 dogs she was walking helped keep her alive until her rescue on Wednesday. Annette’s husband, Marcel, talked to Global News about how the 3 dogs helped keep his wife alive:“One of them was cuddling [her] and one of them was on guard and the other one was looking for food…

She happened to notice one of the dogs was digging a hole to sleep in. [The undergrowth], it’s very spongy, it soaks up a lot of water. So she started sweeping away all the brush and everything to get down into the dirt and kind of made herself a little well to sleep in. She learned from the dogs.”Annette was hiking with a Border Collie named Chloe, a Boxer named Roxy, and a Puggle named Bubba when she fell and injured herself, losing her cell phone in the process.

Her husband reported her missing when she didn’t return home from her hike Monday afternoon.

More than 100 rescuers and 2 helicopters searched the area near Eagle Mountain where Annette had been hiking. She heard the helicopters on Monday but they were unable to see her due to the trees, so she crawled to a location with a clearing above her. Eventually, rescuers heard her cries for help and the barking of the dogs.

Annette is currently in the hospital recovering from her injuries. This is the moment when she was reunited with 2 of the dogs that helped to save her life.

Marcel was extremely grateful for the Search and Rescue teams that helped save his wife. He told Global News:

“You know, these people are doing this on their own time. They’re leaving their job, what they get paid to do to pay their mortgage, to come out and help people that need the help. So you know what, support them. They deserve it.”

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