5-year-old Girl Sneaks Her Horse Into Her Room

KK and her horse sister Sauce, both five years old, have been best friends ever since they’ve met.KK and Sauce always hang out, mostly in the yard and at times in the house, but only in the living room.Wanting to show Sauce her room, KK broke mom’s rule and sneaked her in.Both at five, KK and Sauce have been best friends ever since they’ve known each other.So fond of Sauce, KK can’t imagine life without her horse sister by her side.

Every morning, Sauce stays loose in the yard and comes close to KK’s bedroom window to wait for her, their mom Ashlie Phillips told The Dodo.“We [got] her when she was 2 and they have grown up together,” Ashlie said. As they’re inseparable, Ashlie lets them hang out inside the house at times, but as her rule, Sauce only has to stay in the living room.The young girl and her horse best friend, though, sometimes forget the rules, especially when they’re having fun.

When Ashlie was busy with household chores one day, KK and Sauce suddenly became out of sight. She later on found them in KK’s room, having a little sisters’ party.

“We let her bring her inside and she stays in the living room,” Ashlie shared. “She plays with her for a little while and then we let her back out. This time when she brought her in she went straight to her room!”

Like how a little girl is to a friend or classmate who visited her house, KK really wanted to show Sauce her room — at a glance, she got sneaky and brought not-so-little Sauce in her room.

We bet their mom just smiled when the sight of her precious ones welcomed her as she got in that tiny little room.