9-Year-Old Boy Paints Custom Pet Portraits In Exchange For Supplies Needed At Shelter

Some of the youngest among us have the most generous hearts and can teach us so much about giving.Using his natural gifts and talents, a 9-year-old boy named Pavel Abramove, took it upon himself to help get supplies for an animal shelter in Arzamas, Russia. As a talented artist, he started painting custom pet portraits in exchange for food, medicine, and other supplies that the shelter is in need of.

He is an animal lover and after his family lost their pet, he decided he wanted to do something. It broke his heart to see stray animals suffering so he and his mom, Ekateriana Bolshakova, launched the Kind Paintbrush Project about a year ago.The two have also been managing a social media group called “What a Little Volunteer is Capable Of.” The group promotes how a child is capable of bringing about huge change.

Mom and son receive no funds for their volunteerism and don’t have any managers or employees; it is just the two of them, their patrons, and the animals they help.

Pavel contracts with pet owners to paint custom pet portraits in exchange for the shelter receiving food, medicine, and other supplies. After he is finished with the portrait, he then likes to visit the pet he painted to learn more about the animal and how it came to live with the owner.

His endeavor has received a warm response from animal lovers all over the world. He has even taken orders from customers as far away as Germany and Spain.

The shelter is the only one in Arzamas and cares for more than 100 dogs. Pavel is their youngest volunteer. Some of the portraits he painted include:

This one of a cat named Chuck that was exchanged for dog food, buckwheat, and bandages.

Ksyusha’s portrait was eschanged for canned dog food, buckwheat, some medicines, and bandages.

Jesse was exchanged for offal and buckwheat.

A painting of Tuzik, Rex, Lusya and Keks was exchanged for canned beef, milk, cereal, dry food and some trimmings.

Basi was exchanged for buckwheat and pearl barley.

Pavel also has other big dreams. He wants to be an architect and build an animal shelter. We are sure his dreams will come true and admire his kind heart.