A Boy And His Cow Don’t Take First Prize But They Do Win Hearts Everywhere

True friends love each other, it doesn’t matter what species you are. The bond between this boy and his cow is a testament to how much love can be shared between human beings and their animals.When Mitchell Miner entered his cow at the Iowa State Fair, of course he had big dreams of winning first prize.

Over the summer, Mitchell spent weeks and many long hours preparing his cow, Audri, for the Youth Dairy Cattle show. As the two worked together, they developed a deep bond of friendship.When the big day arrived, they gave it their best shot and came in fifth place, despite all their efforts. It was a tiring day so after the show, Audri wanted to rest.

Mitchell said, “Audri wanted to lay down a bit. She just enjoys my company.”

After all her hard work, Audri finally got to lay down, with Mitchell by her side. Soon after, Mitchell was fast asleep, snuggled into Audri’s side with her large, gentle head resting on his lap.

Mitchell’s dad took a picture of the tender moment and shared it on Facebook, where it has since gone viral spreading joy to whoever gets to see the special friendship between a boy and his cow.

Each summer, Mitchell’s parents borrow farm animals to expose their family to the farm lifestyle. They care for the animals as if they were their own. However, the animals do go back to their respective farms, just as Audri was returned to her farm after the livestock show later that fall.