A Pigeon That Can’t Fly Adopts A 1-Pound Puppy That Can’t Walk

Everybody needs somebody and that goes for animals, too. When a tiny puppy needed a friend, a wild pigeon took the itty-bitty puppy under his wing.When a 4-week-old Chihuahua named Lundy arrived at the animal rescue center, he was quickly put down in the first place they could find for him, which happened to be Herman’s bed. Which was an unusual place since Herman was a wild pigeon!

Sue Rogers of the Mia Foundation took in the tiny Chihuahua and knew the miniscule puppy needed some TLC. But when she placed the puppy in Herman’s bed, she didn’t expect what she saw next.Lundy nestled down into the comfort of Herman’s bed and the pigeon began to cover the tiny puppy with his body to keep him warm.

Herman began mothering the little puppy and tenderly caring for him. Sue quickly got her camera and began documenting the adorable friendship between the two.

Sue was amazed at how natural the friendship developed between Lundy and Herman and left the little pup with her new BFF pigeon. In over the top cuteness, she even fed the two unusual friends together.

Lundy was taken to the rescue at 4-weeks-old because he wasn’t using his back legs as he should. The puppy only weighed one pound and needed lots of help. The vet couldn’t find a spinal deformity, so they hoped with the physical therapy and lots of love, Lundy would one day be able to walk.

Sue worked hard to help Lundy walk all the while feathered Herman overseeing the therapy. Herman was also a rescue once saved from a car dealership parking lot. The pigeon has some neurological issues so he can’t fly but that doesn’t stop him from loving on the tiny chi.

The two of them, a Chihuahua that can’t walk and a pigeon that can’t fly, became the most adorable best friends and make each other so happy. We don’t think the two could be any cuter, especially as tiny Lundy starts acting like a typical puppy with his birdy friend.