A Restless Baby Falls Asleep To The Gentle Snores Of His Dog

It doesn’t get much cuter than dogs and babies napping with each other. The special bond dogs share with the tiniest tots is the sweetest thing to see. If you find it hard to resist adorable videos of babies and dogs snuggling up together, you’ll love this story about how this gentle giant of a dog helps his best friend sleep peacefully.

The baby in this video had trouble sleeping. If you have kids you know what a problem that can be. The baby would be restless and move around, seemingly unable to settle in for a nice long snooze.One day mom noticed that the family dog was the answer to the problem. The dog adored the baby and the two were the best of friends, often cuddling together. Who knew that the dog was also the key to a blissful nap?

The sweet dog must have known his little fussy friend needed a nap so he cuddled up close and fell asleep with the baby. As the dog started to snore, the baby was lulled to sleep by the canine lullaby.

Mom then realized that when the dog snuggled up close to her baby, the baby relaxed and gently fell asleep to the snoring of the large dog. The two drift off to dream land seemingly without a care in the world, as long as they are together.

Mom videoed the tender moment between baby and best friend to show the world how the dog’s gentle snores lull the baby into a peaceful sleep. The two napping together is one of the sweetest things we’ve seen.