A Sweet Dog Chooses Her Own Kitten From A Shelter To Bring Home

One of the most common fallacies in today’s society is that cats and dogs can never get along. To be fair, there are a plethora of instances that might be cited to support it. Furthermore, in the world of dogs and cats, there are some odd friendships that demonstrate that felines and canines may not only accept each other, but can become great friends!

It was love at first sight between Raven the dog and Woodhouse the cat. The unexpected combo is now warming hearts all over the world. They like doing everything together, and their bond becomes deeper with each passing day. But that’s not even the most interesting aspect of the narrative.

It’s hard to believe how they met in the first place. Raven was lonely and in need of a playmate with whom he could climb, run, and watch TV, so his owners decided to take him to a shelter to see if he might find someone with whom he could bond.

“I’d always dreamed of having a dog and a cat grow up together. Raven’s mother, Christina, told the Dodo, “It’s been like a life ambition.” “I wanted them to be able to communicate properly with one another.” So I wanted her to meet the cat and see how well the cat got along with the dog.”

Even his owners could not have predicted that that someone would be a cat. Raven was captivated to the kitten right away, and the two have been inseparable since. And there’s some cute evidence to back it up. “They’re made for each other.”

They don’t snuggle nearly as much as they did as puppies and kittens. “However, they’re always together, always playing together,” Christina explained.

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