A Weird Dog Kept Coming Into Her Backyard, Then She Found This Note On The Dog’s Collar

This story for sure will put a big smile on your face. It’s about an old dog that seemed too tired. One day, the woman spotted him entering her garden. As she said: “apparently the dog seemed to be well taken care of. He has a well-fed belly, and also he has a collar around his neck, so she said that this dog is already having a home.”

All of a sudden, the dog came over next to the woman, so she tried to comfort him by petting a few times on his head. However, she was shocked to find that he is going with her to her home, she felt that there is something strange. Then, she found the dog walking slowly down the hall, he laid in a corner, and then he fell asleep. Just like that!

After an hour, he woke up, stood in front of the door, so she let him out.


The following day, the woman was completely astounded to discover the dog returning; the dog again welcomed her in her garden. Also, as the day preceding, he went to his corner and slept again, and something very similar happened each day for quite a long time.

Thus, the woman chose to take care of this dog, so she got sticking a note to his neckline, she wrote on it that she needed to know the owner of this dog, and she asked as to whether they know that their dog is having a snooze each day someplace.


Shockingly, she found an answer on her note on the dog’s neckline in the following day, the dog lives in a home with six kids, two of them are younger than three years of age, so really the dog is attempting to get some rest, and at the base of the note the owner stated, “Can I come with him tomorrow?”