Abandoned Dog Takes His Rescuer To The Woods To Save His Best Friend

Dan O’Grady was having a normal driving day, then he spotted a Jack Russell terrier on the road. He had no one with him to take care of. The dog obviously looked abandoned.O’Grady then hurried to help the pup yet every time he approaches him, he barks and steps back to the forest. So, Dan followed him to know what is happening to be very shocked by what he saw.

It turned out that the dog was leading the man to the woods to where his best friend, a bunny that was there in the woods. O’Grady decided to feed them and take them both to the nearest shelter. Also, he named them cute names. The dog’s name is Highway and the bunny Interstate.dog bunny friends Unfortunately, the nearest shelter couldn’t adopt Interstate.

So, O’Grady decided to take them to another one.

dog bunny friends

The good news is that both of them got adopted, although they didn’t end up together, they both survived and are safe now.

dog bunny friends