Abandoned Puppy Finally Finds Comfort Cuddling With Human Baby

A little boy named Ian and an adorable dog named Callie are the best of friends. They’re the exact same age and have grown up together.
Their very special bond started when they were only 3 months old.There are people who have been with us through thick and thin and this is the kind of relationship that Ian has with his Callie. They are BFFs for life.Callie had a rough start at life.
Callie the puppy came to this family when she was tied to their fence and abandoned by her original owner.

She was scared and just wanted a family to love her but it would take some time for her to learn to trust again and be at ease.And when the family took her in, their baby made that transition a little bit easier.Ian’s parents took the Pit Bull x Catahoula mix in as one of their own and become one of the family.They didn’t actually know the truth behind the pup’s past, but it was still clear that she wasn’t treated well.

When they initially brought Callie home, she didn’t even know how she should lie down.

In the incredibly adorable scene, you can see Callie finally content. This is the start of a truly beautiful relationship.

She seemed incredibly sleepy, but she was just too scared and stressed to rest properly. However, that was before she met Ian.

Callie instantly fell in love with Ian, even before Ian was able to even lay eyes on Callie.

That’s because Ian was asleep when they first met.
Ian was fast asleep on a dinosaur blanket when Callie was placed next to him.

She seemed quite curious about the weird looking sleeping creature next to her.
So much so that his sleepiness started to spread to Callie. Callie’s eyes started to get droopy in the video taken of him. Then he got a little wobbly and was getting very sleepy.

Callie looked up at the camera sadly with big puppy dog eyes. As if she wanted to fall asleep too. It seemed like she was waiting for permission or something.

“You don’t know how to lay down honey?” someone in the background of the video asks the sweet pup.

Poor Callie looked like she was just about to fall over, she slowly scoots next to the sleeping baby and finally decides to get some well-deserved sleep.

Callie finally gives in but has to find the perfect spot to lay down. She decides that the baby is the spot. She walks over and cuddles up next to him laying her chin on his back.

“She is the sweetest dog we have ever had. They still play together,” said one of Callies Hoomans.
They are as close as they can be 3 years later. Ian and Callie’s mom posted an update video for us. While Ian is still a tiny guy, Callie is fully grown.

They’ve gotten really good at playing together, Ian has even taught Callie some new tricks like how to sit.

And Ian, of course, always remembers to tell Callie that she’s a good girl.
But hearing Ian squeak “good girl, good girl” at her is just the cutest! It’s really hard to tell who is more adorable here.