Adopted Dog Gets A Job As Bus Station Attendant

Adelsionir and Mariani adopted a 9-year-old dog named and named her Chiquita, and it wasn’t long before she found her place in this world. They own a ticket counter in the city of Blumenau in Brazil, and Chiquita is the latest and cutest employee at the bus station.Instead of leaving Chiquita home all day while they’re away at work, they decided to bring her with them and give her a job!

The dog keeps an eye on customers and looks cute while doing so! And she makes everyone’s days a little brighter.“She loves to stay at the service desk, [looking] at passengers in line,” Adelsionir said on Facebook.“Only animals love us regardless of how we look, our social class, our profession, or the place where we live,” Adelsionir continued.

“None of that matters to them.

All they want is to feel loved in the same way that they love: unconditionally.”