Adopted Dog Was Afraid Of Everything Until He Spent One Night With His Brother

Life for Hedgie was rough. He’d been tied outside for most or all of his puppyhood and never felt true love. The dog was afraid of everyone and everything. Even when he was adopted and taken home from the shelter by his new family, he just hid under the table.But the boy, Mason, said he would take the dog to his bed for the night.

And in the morning, it was like Hedgie was a completely different dog! They formed an instant bond that would last from that moment on. They became inseparable and now do everything together.But it wasn’t long before Hedgie started having trouble walking and eating. They took him to the vet where they discovered he has megaesophagus, but putting him down was not an option.

The family started feeding Hedgie in his special chair, and it worked perfectly!

This family knew that aside from the dog’s disorder, he was perfectly healthy and had lots of life left to live. And it all worked out in the end!