Adorable Baby Koala Mistakes Little Dog For Its Mother

When Tony, the little gray, curly haired dog, went outside to play in his garden, we’re sure he didn’t expect to become a surrogate mother for an adorable baby koala.Tony is a sweet dog so when he encountered the koala baby, the kind dog allowed the little joey to climb up on his back. Happily, his owner was there to capture the unusual yet precious moment on video.

Dogs have been known to show kindness and protect other species but on this day, Tony was the koala’s best friend. His owner didn’t know where the momma koala was but he assumed she was still up in the trees.Tony allowed the joey to hitch a ride for a few minutes before finally shaking off the baby so he could give it a sniff or two.

Right away it’s clear that the joey wanted to return to the safety of Tony’s back and the two cuties circle each other with a determined joey trying to grab back on. Henry, Tony’s owner, said:

“I followed him on his way out and saw the baby jump on him. It went on for about two minutes before he fell off and scampered up a tree.”

The cute new friends could not be more adorable and they are touching hearts all over. On the video description, Henry wrote:

“My doggie Tony is extremely friendly and tolerable. I’m sure he won’t hurt the baby Koala and the baby will hop off his back by itself.”

Nobody knows for sure why the baby koala was alone that day but it seemed to know where it was returning to. The sound it makes as it climbs is the cutest thing we’ve ever heard and we wonder, is the koala saying goodbye?