Adorable dog keeps showing up at car lot so they adopt him and give him a badge and a job

Who’s to say a stray dog can’t get a job?One internet-famous stray named Tucson Prime recently learned that determination and persistence are the keys to getting a leg up in the career world. In fact, he got a job at a Hyundai dealership and all he had to do was keep returning to the lot!

It’s also important to note that, along with the job, he also got adopted which means he is thankfully no longer a stray!
The staff at a Hyundai Prime dealership in Brazil noticed that Tucson had been hanging around every day. At first, they thought this was a temporary thing and they assumed that Tucson would move on to a new location sooner or later.

But that time never really came, as Tucson continued to show up to the dealership every single day.
Everyone noticed. So after a while, they decided to make a move.

The stray dog was clearly trying to stay so they just let it happen. But they weren’t going to continue on the way that they were.

The dealership actually decided to hire Tucson.
Yep, you read that right!

The staff at Hyundai welcomed him aboard and even gave him his own ID card so he was completely legit. Tucson was officially a fellow staff member and happy as could be, now that he was welcome and had a home where he felt accepted.

After bringing the pup onto the team, the official Hyundai page for Brazil posted a few photos of the dog on their Instagram.
After that, the pics totally went viral and Tucson was finally earning his fifteen minutes of fame.

“Pawfessional consultant,” was the dog’s new, very cute nickname.

Initially, Hyundai just wanted to offer the dog refuge. However, Tucson totally exceeded expectations when he showed just how well he greeted customers and guests. He was super friendly and clearly loved interacting with people.

So obviously, Hyundai did what any good company would do: They gave the dog a promotion.

Showroom Manager Emerson Mariano told Top Motors Brazil that Tucson had been getting nothing but great feedback from guests that entered the store.

In fact, thanks to Tucson’s “very caring and docile nature,” the energy in the store had never been more positive and uplifting.
Sometimes, customers would even return to the store after making a purchase just so that they could see Tucson and even shower him with gifts. Now if that’s not a great reason for people to swing by, we are not sure what is!

The decision to hire Tucson was made on a night when it was stormier than usual.
The team felt so bad. They wanted to offer him shelter, food, and water. They couldn’t bear to see him outside soaked, cold, and alone.

Soon after Mariano formed an attachment to Tucson.
He suggested that the company hire Tucson as a mascot.

“After all, the company has always been pet friendly, so now, we decided to embrace this idea in practice too, having our own pet precisely at a more complicated time like this with so many abandoned animals,” Mariano said.

Tucson took a trip to the vet for all of his vaccines and now he is even set to star in a Hyundai commercial.

He really is getting his big break. Not too bad of an ending for this stray dog!

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