Adorable Dog Shows Her Bed To Anyone She Likes

Dora had a bit of anxiety, but her special bed helps her calm down.Dora values her bed so much, that every time she meets people she loves, she’d show them her bed!In Dora’s world, her bed is the greatest gift there is.We cannot blame this pup — beds are absolutely one of the things that give us comfort.If there’s one thing she considers as her most prized possession, Dora will not think twice, it’s gonna be her bed.

Ever since she was a puppy, she has loved being cuddled, stroked, and of course, be always close to her bed as much as possible.“She’s very needy and absolutely loves being cuddled and stroked, but she’s also very anxious, and since we got her, has been scared of loud noises, thunder, leaves and all sorts [of things],” Ruby Simpson, Dora’s mom, told The Dodo.

Dora had a bit of anxiety, so she always finds comfort and security whenever her bed is just beside her. And it isn’t just an ordinary bed, it’s designed for dogs with anxiety, which makes it more precious for Dora.

That level of special comfort Dora gets from her bed is something she shares with people dear to her. Whenever the furry pup gets excited, she’d bring things to show people that she’s happy that they are around. At times, she’d show her teddy bear, but if she really loves that person, she’d take the most valuable thing for her: her bed.

“Since she was a puppy, she always had to hold something in her mouth when she’s overexcited or anxious,” Ruby said. “Mostly it’s a teddy bear, but when she can’t contain her excitement, she gets the bed and brings it to the person she’s excited to see, sort of as a gift, but she has to hold it.”

In Dora’s world, her bed is the greatest gift there is — and she shares it with people special to her.

“Every time someone walks through the door, she will run to grab her teddy or bed, depending on how special they are,” the fur mom added.

We hope to see your bed, too, Dora!