Adorable German Shepherd Rescues Her Pitbull Best Friend From The Snow


Playing in the snow can be great fun. That is, until you get stuck in the freezing white stuff. Meet the cute pitbull named Knuckles who got more than she bargained for while out enjoying a snow day with her buddy, a fluffy German shepherd named Kanawha.It was all fun and games out playing in the snow with dad, Brian Wagner and her BFF, until the two dogs dashed ahead into the deeper snow.

That is where Knuckles found herself stuck up to her neck, in the thick white snow, next to a dumpster. Her winter wonderland adventure seemingly coming to an end.Despite her mom trying to coax her out of her predicament, Knuckles was not leaving the safety of the side of a dumpster or perhaps the snow was just too deep for her to manage on her own.

Either way, the sweet pittie was obviously in need of some major extraction assistance.

All the while the concerned Kanawha was watching and as all good shepherds will do, looking for a way to help out her friend. “Have no fear, Knuckles,” Kanawha seemed to say. “I’m here to save the day!”

Kanawha suddenly takes matters into her own paws and plows her way through the deep snow making a path to Knuckles. She made a trail for Knuckles to follow out of the snow and the two quickly head toward mom.

The two dogs seem super happy to resume their frolicking in the snow and we know their owners were relieved to have Knuckles back safe and sound.

Surely this won’t slow the friends down and we hope they have lots of fun snow days in their future.

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