Adorable Pit Bull Is The “Fun Uncle” For These Two Tiny Foster Puppies

When this foster mom took in two tiny puppies, her dog Thunder never left her side. He watched over everything the puplets did, even the 3 am feedings.These two tiny puppy dumplings were so young, they had to be bottled fed every hour and a half. It didn’t matter if it was 3 am, “Thundy” followed along, like the “good, fun uncle,” according to his human, Anne.

The little bits were so small, when they first arrived they didn’t do much except eat. However, soon the adorable puppies, Fig and Fern, reached 4-weeks-old. And, that’s when they started to get curious about their ‘uncle’ Thunder.In the cutest of puppy ways, the bouncy nuggets started going up to him to sniff his nose and figure him out. Thunder would roll on his back and let them sniff his face, happy to be finally playing with the little foster puppies.

Soon, play time got even better. Thunder began bringing the puppies toys to play with. Sometimes, they would even try to chew on the toys he had. But good boy Thunder always stayed sweet and gentle, even as they nibbled on his tail and climbed on him.

Thunder acted like a doting momma duck with a flock of puppy ducklings following him everywhere he went. Soon, the adorable dog was even teaching the puppies how to sit! The little pups loved to mimic him so when mom told Thunder to sit, the puppies sat, too. It is the cutest thing to see!

Thunder is the best foster dog. He helped prepare Fern and Fig for their big adoption day. He gave them lots of love all the days they were at his home. At 8-weeks-old, the girls went to their new families.

It was a sad day for poor Thunder but so awesome that they have their own forever homes.

Happily, his home doesn’t stay empty for long. Soon he got the chance to foster more puppies and was so happy he literally jumped for joy. The smile on his face says it all, Thunder was born to be a foster dog and loves to help his mom save puppy’s lives.