Adorable Rescue Puppy Joins Goldie Hawn’s Fur Family

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell welcomed a fifth member of their fur family, Roy Hawn Russell.Hawn shared an adorable photo introducing the golden puppy on Friday on Instagram.Another celebrity couple, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, welcomed another adorable golden puppy into their family last Christmas.Celebrity couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are already loving parents to four dogs, but they still have more than enough love for a fifth member of their fur family!

The actress made the announcement on Friday on Instagram, where she also shared a photo.In the photo, the Snatched star can be seen sitting in the grass with their newest fur baby, an adorable golden puppy, Roy Hawn Russell. The tiny puppy can be seen sliding through her arms as Hawn made a kissing face.She wrote in the caption, “Look what Santa rescued for me  Introducing Roy Hawn Russell ,” followed by the hashtag, “good boy roy.”

Several celebrities excitedly welcomed the news, including actress January Jones, who wrote: “Gimme that puppy!!!”

Good Boy Roy, now the fifth dog in the Hawn-Russell household, joins his four adorable dog siblings.

In January last year, the actress shared this adorable photo of their first four fur babies on the same bed and on their best behavior:

Her photo caption read, “I just had to post this. My kitchen is alive with love ,” along with the hashtag “#dogsofinstagram.”

Hawn and Russell weren’t the only celebrities to welcome a new puppy this holiday season.

A couple of weeks ago, Neil Patrick Harris announced that he and husband David Burtka is welcoming a new puppy, Ella, to join their family of four.

The actor shared a photo on Instagram of himself and their 10-year-old twins Harper and Gideon wearing matching holiday pajamas, snuggling beside the adorable golden retriever puppy:

The photo caption read, “Oh Santa, what have you done?? On Christmas morning, @dbelicious and I watched Gideon and Harper open a box filled with… a golden retriever puppy. Her name is Ella, and she has pretty much taken over our lives… Thanks, Santa. You rule. #grateful.”

Roy and Ella are just two adorable golden puppies! We’re happy that they have both found their forever home.

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