Adorable Tiktok Trend Shows Dogs’ Reactions To Their Favorite Words

Dogs can understand about 165 human words — that’s why they instantly get excited when they hear words like “treat” or “walk.”
So pet parents around the world started a TikTok trend in which they told their dog a story using their favorite words.
The adorable videos showed dogs responding to words like “outside” and “ball” with excitement and curiosity.
Dogs can be incredibly smart and perceptive. According to experts, the average dog can understand around 165 human words!

That’s why most dogs get excited when they hear their favorite words, such as “treat” or “walk.”Their adorable reactions have since inspired a new TikTok trend:The trend, called “Tell your dog a story,” started in August. Soon, millions of pet parents joined in to tell their dogs a story using their favorite words!The adorable videos captured pups responding to words like “outside” and “ball” with excitement and curiosity.

One such video showed two pit bulls, Mila and Huxley, reacting to a story that had all their favorite words.

Their mom, Kaitlyn Daughtry, tells them excitedly, “Guess what? Yesterday I went for a ride to grandma’s house, and when I got to grandma’s house I showed her all the new dog toys I got… And then after, I went for a walk to the dog park…”

You could see how they got excited at each mention of their favorite word!

Kaitlyn tells The Dodo that it’s because grandma has become the pups’ favorite. It turns out that she spoils them! “She brings personalized bags with their names on it, every time, with toys and treats in them,” says Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn found the dogs’ reactions to be “the cutest ever!” She adds, “It was so hard not to laugh when I was telling the story.”

People and dogs around the world have had similar experiences.

What an adorable trend! It may have led to millions of confused doggos, though, who believed that they were going for a walk outside or getting a treat!

Do you have a doggo? What are their favorite words?

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