African Serval Cat That Went Missing In The Woods Is Reunited With His Family

This African Serval may look like it belongs in the wild, but this one is truly has become a much loved furry family member. So when he got spooked and went missing in Merrimack, New Hampshire, his owners were very worried.Dean King, the cat’s owner, said the big cat could be skittish around people. He recently went missing after being spooked by the family dog and taking off into the woods around the family’s home.

The cat, Spartacus, had been raised in a Florida zoo and was not equipped to live life on his own. When his family couldn’t find him, they called the Merrimack Police Department for help. Dean said:“The dog didn’t want to come in last night. So my wife opened the front door. The dog and the cat spooked each other and off he went. He’s gone,” Dean told AP News.

The cat spent three days in the woods before it could be trapped on day four. The thankful family reported that the cat was safe and sound and of course they were thrilled to have found their giant fur baby.

Their beautiful cat is truly part of the family, as you can see from these adorable pictures. The 40-pound cat was legally adopted from the zoo in Florida four years ago and has been happily living with his family ever since. The family owns the cat legally and has a permit from New Hampshire’s department of fish and game.

Once he was found, the police department updated their Facebook post:

“Good Morning Merrimack! The serval cat that was missing has been found. It was trapped near its home and is in good health. It’s been reunited with its owner. Thank you for all the interest and shares!

The original post read:

“Merrimack Residents: Please be on the look out for this missing family pet. Spartacus is a 40lb, 4 yr old African Serval that is legally owned and permitted through Fish and Game. He may come when called but tends to be skittish around strangers. He went missing from his residence in the Peaslee Rd area on 09-09-2020 and has not yet been found. If located/sighted please call dispatch at 424-3774.”

Thankfully, the cat was found safe because searching for him posed some challenges.
Merrimack’s animal control officer, Haylie Gulino, said that the search was pretty tricky because she along with her fellow officers had never seen a case like this before and were not sure what to look for.

“They had no idea; I had to show them a picture of what they normally look like. So, like I said, this was uncharted territory. It was out of the norm for most people here,” Haylie Gulino told the Daily Mail.

The family thanked everyone for their help in finding their big kitty:

“Dean and I want to thank everyone for your help and support. Spartacus is home safe and warm. I personally can’t express my gratitude enough! I have a bond with this cat and he is my person,” she wrote in a Facebook post.