After 22 Day Apart, Lost Dog Has The Best Reaction To Being Reunited With Dad

A Shiba Inu was brought to WAGS PetAdoption as a stray and never seemed to connect with anybody who wanted to adopt him. He kept trying to escape, and the rescuers believed he was trying to get back to his family.Little did they know that the dog’s dad had been visiting the county shelter every single day looking for his dog and plastering the city with posters offering a reward in order to try to find his best friend.

After 22 LONG days, Dad and dog were finally reunited! The dog just knew that his dad had finally come for him and he dragged the rescuer while barking an excited bark. Once the two were reunited, the barking ramped up a notch, and he leaped into his dad’s arms and licked his face.

We’re so glad these two had a happy reunion!

It’s such a good thing that nobody decided to adopt him before his dad found him.