After Running From Fireworks, Dog Declares She’s Home By Ringing Doorbell At 3 AM


More dogs go missing on the 4th of July than any other day of the year and this year, a rescue dog named Rajah was one of them.It all began on Sunday when Rajah was at home with her owners, Mary Lynn Whitacre and Ryan Washick. Suddenly, the boom of an early 4th of July firecracker went off and scared the pup, who then bolted from their yard.

Unable to find the dog for over 8 hours, the owners eventually went home. But then at 3 a.m., they were surprised by their ringing doorbell. Thinking that perhaps someone had found their dog, they went to the door and looked out.The couple was surprised to find their Labrador-Catahoula leopard dog mix standing there by herself. Of course, they were thrilled their dog was home safe but wondered who rang the doorbell so they pulled up the Ring Camera video.

What they found there surprised them. Clearly, in the video, Rajah is seen ringing the doorbell to let her owners know she was home and wanted inside. The couple didn’t even know the clever pup knew how to ring the bell.

“We were dying laughing,” Whitacre told Inside Edition, describing the Ring camera footage of the dog’s latest trick.

“I don’t even know how she knew how to do that. I’ve never shown her how,” Whitacre told South West News Service, according to People. “She doesn’t go out in the front yard except to the car, so she’s never seen us use the doorbell.”

You’re sure to laugh when you see the video for yourself. We’re so glad this dog is home safe and their story had a happy ending.

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