After Sleeping On Concrete Floor, Shelter Pup Finally Found A Home

Two and a half years. 963 days. That’s how long Lucy, a 4-year-old Dogue de Bordeaux mix, spent at the Philadelphia SPCA before she finally found her forever home.In December, the shelter had a letter-writing campaign to Santa to help the dogs there find homes. Lucy, who was the shelter’s longest resident, “wrote” a letter to Santa, asking for a new home…and her wish came true!

For so many days, the staff at the SPCA was the only family Lucy knew.That is, until a North Carolina woman saw Lucy’s letter and traveled hundreds of miles to meet her. She knew right away that she wanted to permanently add Lucy to her family, saving her from another night of sleeping on the cold, concrete floor.“And then she was gone,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “Her kennel, which had been occupied for so many days, was empty but our hearts were full.”

Lucy has warmed up to her new family and home rather quickly and enjoys cuddling up on the comfy couches and beds as opposed to her kennel.

“It’s a New Year, and it’s a new life for Lucy,” the shelter continued.

“Words aren’t enough, but we want to say them anyway – thank you to each and every one of you who stands up for animals like Lucy, and especially to those volunteers and staffers who made her days here more comfortable and joyful along the way. It means everything.”