After Wandering Into A Village A Man Adopts A Little Bear Cub To Save Its Life

One day, an unwelcome visitor in the form of a starving bear cub was discovered wandering the streets of a community, seeking for food.A village farmer came to the cub’s rescue and chose to take it home and look after it.Nikolay, the farmer, now has an unique pet that is too little to survive in the wild alone and too young to be permitted into a zoo.

On Nikolay’s farm, the small bear cub found a home, complete with shelter, warmth, and food.Nikolay contacted the appropriate authorities when he first saw the bear to seek guidance on how to handle this uncommon circumstance.For two days, he and other hunters combed the adjacent woodlands in the hopes of finding the cub’s mother, but to no avail.

Every time, he was given the same response: either put it to sleep or release it into the wild; both alternatives would end in the bear cub’s death, which Nikolay was not willing to accept.

A council in the hamlet eventually gave the bear cub a “passport” allowing it to legally dwell in the town, as well as a name, Vasilisa.

Nikolay intends to construct a big enclosure for Vasilisa to grow up in, complete with an observation deck so he can keep an eye on the cub on a regular basis.