Alaskan Malamute Howls By The Side Of The Road Every Day For The Ice Cream Man

It’s no secret—dogs love ice cream. And they’re smart enough to remember where they originally got it. The sight of that truck and the sound of that music is all it takes to make them salivate! When they hear the ice cream man off in the distance, they know what’s about to happen.Mishka the three-year-old Alaskan Malamute waits outside by the road every day in the summer.

When she hears the music she takes off outside, gets in position, and howls to call him over to her!The ice cream truck stops, and the dog’s as excited as she can be! But Mishka has great manners and keeps herself under control as she patiently awaits an ice cream cone. This good girl definitely deserves it!

When the Alaskan Malamute finally gets the treat, she takes it down within just a few bites!

Too funny and too cute. And don’t worry, it was noted that Mishka doesn’t get ice cream every day.

It is only used as a treat for her sparingly.