Amazing Cat Tenderly Looks After Other Animals At Animal Shelter


Radamenes, an adorable black kitty living in an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland, just may be an angel in disguise.The adorable cat was once himself a very sick patient at the shelter. Saved from the brink of death, the little cat now spends his days helping other animals get well by hugging, cuddling, massaging, and sometimes cleaning them back to health.

When Radamenes first arrived at the shelter, he was so sick with a respiratory infection that the staff considered putting him to sleep. After they heard him purring, they decided to give him a chance and carefully nursed him back to health.He was so grateful that his life was saved, after he recovered, he began caring for the other seriously ill animals under veterinary care.

He affectionately earned himself the moniker “nurse” by the veterinary staff working there.

He has become the shelter mascot and the staff and public are very fond of him and bring him treats. People even come and visit him for good luck! Despite this, Radamenes doesn’t let all the attention go to his head and goes about his day caring for the patients that need him.

The pictures of the sweet Radamenes are adorable. He can be seen cuddling up with sick kitties, animals recovering from surgery, and even dogs.

He seems so tender and caring that it pulls at the heart strings. One just has to believe that this angel has black soft fur instead of wings.

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