An Adorable Time Lapse Of A German Shepherd Pup Growing Up, 8 Weeks To 1 Year

Kylo, the German Shepherd, was brought home at 8 weeks old. His owners decided to document his growth and changes by taking 1 picture every day until his first birthday. A tedious task indeed. But so worth the effort! The results are amazing, and the idea is ingenious!”Kylo is the newest member to the family. We got him about 15 months ago and we have loved every minute with him.

I wanted to take my German Shepherd and show him growing as a puppy, from a little guy at 8 weeks up to his 1 year birthday. I did it all with my GoPro and took one photo every day for a year and here is how it turned out.” – Kylo’s dadTheir YouTube page is called The Journey and it’s all about young adults trying to empower others and make a difference.

Kylo has a brother, a Corgi named Bilbo, and you can see more of both of these cute pups if you follow their very own page on Instagram.