Annoying German Shepherd Refuses To Let His Husky Friend Take A Nap

Have you ever wanted to take a nap but your annoying friend won’t let you? Well, that’s what happened to this husky who just wants to get some sleep.Zeus the stubborn husky loves to take naps in bed. But his friend Kaden the German shepherd isn’t having it.Poor Zeus just wants to chill but Kaden is determined to get him up so they can play.

But, Zeus knows what comfort is and is snuggled into the fluffy pillows and probably dreaming of some tasty chew bones.But along comes Kaden and like all annoying little brothers, he’s all up in Zeus’ business. He’s about to begin to relentlessly bug Zeus. Determined to get the husky up, he begins to play-bite his friend. He’s loud about it, too.

But like all little brothers, eventually, their cuteness becomes hard to resist and soon Zeus and Kaden are play biting each other and growling and happily yipping. It’s hilarious to watch the two of them wrestle and it’s clear that nap time is now over.

Zeus remains stubborn though and doesn’t give up his spot on the bed. Kaden is not one to give up either so he continues to rile up Zeus and it’s super adorable to watch the two of them play.

It’s clear that despite trying to bug Zeus, these two pups are best friends and love each other a lot.

What lucky pups to have such a special friendship and constant playmates. These two adore each other, even when one is trying to be irritating.