Australian Police Find Dog Driving Mini Mercedes Benz SUV on Road, Pulls Him Over

Ever seen a dog driving a car? Well, ‘Buddy’ was driving a little Mercedes Benz SUV when he was pulled by the Australian police.“WE COULDN’T BELIEVE OUR EYES. OF COURSE, WE HAD TO STOP AND CHECK IT OUT, IT ABSOLUTELY MADE OUR DAY”
Giblett said.

While Buddy didn’t have a driver’s license, and the Mercedes wasn’t enlisted, he was considered not to be a danger to people, and they chose to let the puppy off with only a notice.When they had pulled the pooch over, she immediately understood that he was only a traveler, and the Mercedes was really an enormous remote control vehicle. His proprietor Terri was following a couple of meters behind with the controls.

Victoria Police shared pictures of the experience on their Facebook page, where everybody simply adored it! That is to say, it’s also darn charming to not share. Isn’t that so?