Baby Bunnies Think Golden Retriever Is Their Mom And She Doesn’t Mind Playing Along

Golden retrievers are known to be some of the most loving dogs around so it’s no surprise that when some baby bunnies needed a sitter, the sweet dog was more than willing to play mom.In this video, some cute and fluffy 22-day-old bunnies are placed on a bed next to an adorable golden retriever, who immediately begins to snuggle up with the sweet little bundles of fur.

As the little buns hop around and explore, she allows them to crawl on her and snuggle deep into her fur. She gently sniffs them and is completely content to play mom for a while. The bunnies are not scared of her at all, as if she really is their mother.At one point, it is so cute when they line up in a little row as if they are posing to get their picture taken or she deliberately lined them up.

It’s not long before the bunnies are no longer relaxing but rather hopping all around exploring the dog and their big comfy bed. How could it get much cuter than this sweet dog giving fluffy bunny kisses?

Hold up, it does when a blue and white parakeet comes along to join the fun!

All the creatures look like they are having so much fun playing with each other but especially the dog who is wearing a huge smile the entire time, except when she’s busy kissing and snuggling with the cute rabbits!