Baby Falls Asleep And Puppy Decides She Wants A Nap Too

Cuteness is a rather strange thing. I mean, just what is cuteness, anyway? “Cute” usually describes something that we find attractive in the most innocent of ways. And the reason that cuteness exists? Apparently, it’s hardwired into our brains to ensure the survival of our species… yeah, that’s some pretty heavy stuff.

You see, it’s important that we protect babies because they’re so vulnerable. So our fondness for cuteness helps to ensure that this happens. You’ve probably also heard many stories of one species protecting and taking care of a baby from another species so it goes to show just how important cuteness can be!

So what do you find cute? If I asked what your top two choices were, what would you say? I’m guessing that the vast majority of you would say puppies and babies (you know, the human variety). If you are part of that majority, then let me tell you, you’re in for quite a treat because this video was practically made for you. In this adorable video, you will see a tiny puppy hanging out with a baby that is deeply asleep. Then the puppy does something that will simply melt your heart…