Beagle Sniffs Dad Out After Three Months Of Being Away

Most dogs can be counted on for loving loyalty, and beagles are known for caring about their pet parents to an adorable extreme. Lola is no exception. Poor Lola had been missing her ‘Dad’ terribly. According to Dogigy, he had been away for three months.

At least with human children you can explain why dad is away and when he might come back. But Lola just knew he was gone.

Then one day her astute beagle nose sniffed a miracle. There were some clothes and luggage with fresh ‘Dad’ scent. Her tail began wagging faster as she confirmed that yes, this was ‘Dad Scent,’ so he had to be nearby.

The captivating video shows Lola using all her beagle tracking skills to find her elusive human. He’s not in the suitcase, so she followed her nose to the bed. Her little legs scramble onto the bedspread, but he’s not there.

The only thing she sees is a strange lump under the covers. But the Dad Scent is stronger here, so she investigates the lump.

You don’t have to be Dr. Dolittle to see what she’s thinking as she circles around the edge of the lump and moves in. She’s probably thinking: “It smells like Dad, but it’s not Dad. It’s a lump. Where’s Dad? Dad, are you in there somewhere? Dad? DAD???”

When he pulls the covers off, all her doggie hopes come true. Lola jumps onto him, whining with high-pitched delight. She presses against him as close as she can possibly get, face to face, her tail wagging so fast it is almost a blur.

The absolute doggie joy as she sees her owner could melt the frostiest heart.

Her doggie noises change as she frantically cuddles her human. The first loud whines seemed like the human equivalent of shouts of joyous surprise, and the softer whimpers as he continues to cuddle her are more like tears of joy.

At one point she even wraps her paw around his neck and presses her face tightly against his in a tender embrace.