Beagle Who Spent Years In A Lab Cage Finally Gets A Family

The adorable beagle, Echo had a very tragic start in life. She spent 6 years residing in a lab in China where she lived in a kennel and underwent medical testing for an eye product, which left her blind and in pain.Fortunately for Echo, her horrible beginning would not lead to the end of her life. She was rescued, along with 25 additional beagles, by The Beagle Freedom Project.

Rescuers saved the abused dogs from a painful life in a lab and transported them to the United States where they were prepared for adoption into their forever homes.Echo was terrified when she arrived in the states and didn’t want to leave her crate. Her tender hearted foster mom took special care to comfort her and brought her into her home.

Being blind and having lived all her life behind laboratory walls, Echo was afraid of seemingly everything. She had never been outside, walked on grass, or experienced a kind touch from a human.

At her new foster home she met GiGi, a bossy little dog who immediately sensed that Echo needed some time and space. Her foster mom soon took her on her first walk, which left her confused and scared. Her foster mom’s heart went out to Echo so she did what she could to comfort the precious little dog. Two days later, Echo let her wrap her in a towel and hold her. This was one of the first steps toward helping Echo out of her shell.

Shortly after arriving at her foster home, she underwent surgery to remove one of her eyes, which was extremely painful. After her surgery, she began to feel much better and improve daily. Her goofy personality began to shine and she got more confident. Remarkably, she was soon ready to move onto her forever home.

The ideal family stepped up to welcome Echo into their lives and she was a perfect fit. They also had a sassy dog name Mia, a mushy dog named Mango, and a cat named Crystal, who was the queen of the house. This was the first time Echo was part of a pack and she could not have been happier. She loved to dance and hop around the house and play with the other animals.

She soon began following her pack onto the grass, went on her first hike, enjoyed her first trip to the beach, and met her first turkey. Life had really looked up for Echo and little did she know, it was about to get better.

Her dog mom and dad were expecting and soon gave birth to a beautiful baby. Echo adored the baby and even though she was blind, loved to mother the infant and give her lots of love and kisses. Life had truly come full circle for Echo and thankfully she had a wonderful family to lavish her with all she needed to blossom.