Bear-like Puppy Abandoned For His Big Size Meets His Forever Human

Bertram was only 5 months old when he was abandoned by his breeders due to his “unsellable” big size.The chocolate Pomeranian puppy looked like a tiny bear — but his adorable face is what caught his future mom’s attention!Now, Bertie is Instagram-famous with over 439,000 followers.Bertram the Pomeranian was abandoned by his breeders when he was only 5 months old. He had been deemed unsellable because of his big size.

But after his future mom, artist Kathy Grayson, saw his photos online, the bear-like puppy found his forever family — and even earned thousands of fans!Kathy told Bored Panda, “I saw Bert on—there were three little photos.”“I thought the magic of knowing your new friend immediately wasn’t real until I felt it!” Kathy shared. Upon seeing the cute pup, everything about him “spoke” to her, and she knew “it would be him.”

After Bertie was adopted from the Oklahoma shelter, he and Kathy now live happily together in New York City.

Kathy couldn’t get enough of the cute chocolate Pom — he looked like a tiny bear! So she created an Instagram account and shared lots of adorable photos.

It wasn’t long before Bertie became a famous Instagram pup. He now has over 439,000 followers!

Kathy shared that Bertie’s most popular photo must be when he was dressed as his look-alike, Paddington Bear.

Kathy recalls that it might’ve coincided with the theater showing of the Paddington 2 film.

“He really looked just like the bear in the movie, it was uncanny. He is a little bear cub,” she shared.

Bertie loves spending time with Kathy in her art gallery, The Hole, and playing with his dog friends in the dog park. He has become so famous that fans recognize him!

“People come to the art gallery where he works to give him presents and take photos,” Kathy shared. “He is always very nice to fans! Lots of kisses.”

Kathy soon realized that Bertie was destined to bring good vibes to as many people as possible, so she made it their mission to share the love.

“The internet is a dark place! I want to help provide an antidote to all the ugliness and simply put a smile on people’s faces with his little brown face,” she said.

What a cutie! We’re thankful that Bertie and Kathy found each other, and that Kathy keeps blessing us with these adorable photos.