Beautiful Momma Cat Cares For Orphaned Baby Bunnies As Though They Are Her Own

It’s a known fact that cats make very good mothers. They tenderly care for their tiny, blind kittens by nursing them and grooming them frequently. They will hide their kittens to keep them safe and when they get a little bigger, encourage them to explore.With such an ingrained motherly instinct, it’s no surprise that when some orphaned baby rabbits needed a new mom, this sweet momma cat adopted them.

Hiding in the grass, this beautiful, blue-eyed cat can been seen caring for the tiny bunnies, as well as her own babies. As she cleans and cares for them, it’s clear the rabbits feel safe and content with their new mom.She watches out for them and sweetly cares for them with the same love and devotion as she shows her own kittens. This is truly a magical and beautiful moment to watch.

Nature and the motherly instinct of animals is so amazing considering that cats are natural predators of rabbits. These lucky bunnies are in no danger and we’re sure this momma will protect them as she does her own.

We wondered why some animals will adopt orphaned babies and found that, according to Jenny Holland, author of the 2011 book Unlikely Friendships, empathy may be driving this behavior. She said, “one animal may take in another to relieve its pain, hunger or loneliness.”

We don’t know the story about how these bunnies became orphaned, but what we do know is that they were born blind, helpless, and totally dependent on their mother to care for them. Without momma cat’s empathy, they would never have survived on their own.