Black Bear Takes A Swipe At Hiker, Woman Proceeds To Go For A Selfie Anyway

You first reaction upon seeing a black bear approach might be to get away as fast as possible. But one woman hiking some trails in Mexico had a much different response when a bear walked up to her group out of nowhere.In the heart-stopping video, you see the woman stop to take a selfie with the bear as her group is taking a break on their hike!

The bear came out of the woods and sniffed at her hair before standing next to her on its hind legs.The bear even comes back later and bites at the hiker before taking a swipe at her leg! But she thought it was a good idea to take that selfie. Experts suggest doing the exact opposite and yelling loudly at a bear in order to try and scare it away.

This woman was definitely lucky to get out of this unscathed!