Bonded Kittens Fear Getting Separated By Adopters, So They Won’t To Stop Hugging

Marlow and Mittens are no ordinary kittens. When these sweet boys were scooped up together from the harsh streets, their rescuers had no idea that the pair had developed the deepest love for each other. The rescuers simply dropped them off at the RSPCA’s shelter, knowing that the 2 would get adopted in nice homes soon.

The kittens were soon put up for adoption on RSPCA’s website. That’s how Grace Serena and her partner spotted Marlow for the first time. The couple was going through hard times and they knew that adopting a kitten would help them cope. But when they arrived at the shelter to get Marlow, the kittens sensed that they were about to be separated.

In a heartwarming moment, Marlow and Mittens hugged each other and refused to let go. The shelter workers tried hard to get them apart, but the kitten brothers were determined to stay together.

Grace and her partner realized that it would be criminal to separate these two loving souls, so they ended up adopting both the kittens!

These kittens’ fierce struggle to protect their bond helped them get the perfect home with Grace. The duo was immediately comfortable in their new home and profoundly warmed their owners’ hearts with joy, laughter and happiness. We are so glad this turned out to be a happy ending for everybody!