Boy Leaves His Poor Puppy At A Shelter To Stop His Father From Beating him

Sadly, the world is not always fun and amazing. Things get hard sometimes, you have to take hard decisions to the ones you love. A few months ago, a 12-year-old boy had to make a hard decision to save his beloved dog.Xollin shelter found a cute puppy outside with a letter that was written by a kid. The shelter shared on social media that someone left a puppy outside the shelter in a box with a stuffed animal and a letter.

The letter that the boy left was an explanation of why did he leave the dog here. He said that his father was always abusing the puppy, and he was going to sell it. So, the dog has to choose the hard way to give up the puppy to save his life.After the story went viral, people wanted to do anything to help this puppy, they made donations and helped by sharing for someone to adopt the puppy.

They found the puppy in this box

The first thing that the shelter did is that they checked for the dog’s health. They took him to the vet and checked up for his tail as it seemed fractured. Fortunately, the dog was safe.

The letter the boy left with the dog:

They found out that the 12-year-old boy’s name is Andres and he came all the way from Mexico. Not much more is known about him.

They knew the name of the boy, he is Andres, a 12-year-old boy that came from Mexico. But they didn’t know a lot about him.

The letter is written in Spanish, but it says his name, the reason why he left the dog, and he was explaining how his father was abusingly treating the poor dog.

The staff named him Rene. And they are searching for a good family to take him and to take a good care of him. Also, they can choose the family as they are getting more than 300 messages from people who ask for adopting the lovely dog.