Boy Tries To Go Sledding But The Mini Horses Don’t Want To Be Left Out Of The Fun

One of the best things about snow days is sledding. Kids love lining up on top of a snow-covered hill and then swooshing down as fast as they can go. Apparently, they’re not alone because these mini horses love sledding, too!This video shows one boy having a blast on the perfect sledding spot at White Tail Farm in Maryland. His grandma, Marlene, is watching him have a good time sledding in the beautiful surroundings with nothing but her big herd of mini horses chasing along behind him.

In the cutest video we’ve ever seen, the mini horses play a game like follow the leader and follow the boy up and down the slope. The black, brown, and white horses closely follow the boy up the slope until he reaches the perfect spot to sled down.Once he launches himself on the sled, as he slides across the snow, the horses run and frolic along beside him till he reaches the bottom.

Once there, they all seem to be having a ton of fun as they gather around her grandson.

It’s adorable and hilarious to watch the excited tiny horses run and play in the snow and gather around the boy, all managing not to step on him in their excitement.

Of course, grandma’s laugh is contagious and you can’t help but join her as she watches her grandson and horses play in the snow.

The mini horses are adorable and are obviously having a blast playing with their human friend as he slides down the snowy slope. As they run around and prance in the snow, they look so cute, you’ll want to join the fun.

What a great day for this lucky kid and a great memory for grandma, too. It’s almost magical to watch the horses enjoy the family as they all play together, making the most of a cold, winter day.