Brazilian Mailman Takes Adorable Selfies With Every Dog He Meets Along His Route

Dogs aren’t typically fans of mailmen, but the canines of São Paulo are making an exception for their friendly neighborhood postal worker, Angelo Cristiano Da Silva Antunes.Also known as “Carteiro Amigo Dos Animais” on Instagram, which translates to “Animal-friendly postman” — Antunes, while on his daily runs, takes the time to stop and greet all the adorable dogs he meets along the way, and even take a quick selfie with them.

As most dog lovers know, it takes time for a dog to warm up to you. That’s exactly why Antunes patiently approaches each dog carefully, and over time he slowly earns their trust. Today, Antunes shares photos of himself and his adorable buddies online, revealing their undeniable bond. From huge hounds to petite pups, each dog seems to genuinely show love towards Antunes.

Antunes not only befriends dogs, but he also helps those that are in need of urgent medical care.

He often rescues sick cats and dogs and brings them to the local vet for treatment.

Antunes actually dreams of opening up his own animal shelter in the future, so he can help even more pets in need.