Bulldog Melts Hearts With Sweet Apology

Boomer is one very sweet dog.
See, like all dogs, he cannot control himself most times. When he’s in a playful mood, Boomer gets carried away just like all the other dogs. This time, Boomer chewed on a little girl’s slippers. Oh no.Every dog has his day.

But Boomer’s was completely different. The little girl’s mom calls Boomer over and reprimands him for having his way with her daughter’s slippers. No one knows what happened but you can see Boomer with the young lady here.He gives her the saddest, most sincere look this side of 2021.
The young girl chats with the bulldog and that’s when the sad faced Boomer slowly lifts his left paw and places it on her arm. Seems to be an apology of sorts, doesn’t it? He looks so repentant and sincere too!

Tonya Constance says,

“I don’t know which is sweeter…His apology or the way the daughter hides her face so not to hurt his feelings by him seeing her laugh! Such kindness.”

Boomer is so apologetic! Don’t laugh!
That near flat snout and sour expression bulldogs are known for surely helped with the apology. How can you say no to that face? Bulldogs are so kind and attentive. They make such excellent companions as you can see here.

Booomer even maintains eye contact during the whole exchange. How many males do you know are willing to look you in the eye and apologize so genuinely? Exactly.

Even viewers are all in agreement with comments such as,

“His eyes just said “I’m sorry and I’m loyal” ?”

“He looks so sincere. It would be impossible not to accept his apology.”

“He’s so adorable, he really did apologize. He deserves a hug too.”

And much, much more.

Ahh, Boomer! You know how to tug on heartstrings!
Bulldogs are perfect for apartments and small houses. They don’t require much exercise nor do they need long walks. Just moderate exercise will do. This breed is perfectly content sprawled and doing nothing. They are great companions!

Just make sure they don’t get too fat. Attention and affection!

Looking at Boomer, you wouldn’t think that this apologetic boy descends from a bloody past. His ancestors were bred for bull baiting.

The good news is that all that ferociousness is gone for good. Just look at how sweet Boomer is here. He looks mean, sure, but behind that ferocious façade is a heart of pure gold.

Boomer is low, wide, and muscular. The signature bulldog body goes with that short snout and droopy expression. It’s handsome to some and comedic to most, and bulldogs are often cartoon characters with a mean attitude.

But Boomer wouldn’t hurt a fly!

Slippers maybe, but he wouldn’t go about hurting others. See how this young lady loves her companion? She couldn’t even get mad at him!

Slippers are slippers and can be replaced with a few bucks but Boomer? This dog is priceless. His sweet disposition clearly shows the kind of temperament he has. He loves his family and when he knows he’s been naughty, he will apologize with all of his heart.