Caring German Shepherd Thinks Pet Bunny Is Her Baby, And It’s Beyond Adorable

Female dogs can develop motherly instincts even if they don’t have puppies on their own. This loving German Shepherd thinks that the bunny is her own baby and she is obsessed about it.In this video, the owner is filming her adorable dog who is so anxious for what’s coming next.

This precious German Shepherd has somehow learned that she has a baby. Only by spelling the letters of the word ‘baby’ gets this dog up and running towards the room where the baby rests.Like any proud mama, this German Shepherd can’t wait to show the world her new baby.The dog is so anxious to show off her baby that she can hardly hold still while her mom has her sit and wait.

Even spelling the word “baby” has her looking ready to run toward her “child!”

Eventually her mom asks, “Do you have a baby? Where is it?”

That’s the dog’s cue to sprint through the house to what looks like a child’s room, where a bunny sits in a hutch on top of a chest of drawers.

The dog looks adoringly at her “baby,” and when her mom tells her to say hi, she puts her front paws on the chest of drawers to get closer to the bunny. Could anything be cuter?