Cat And Hedgehog Have The Most Unlikely Friendship, And Their Photos Are Adorable

These two unlikely friends are making waves on Instagram due to their beautiful bond and their gorgeous pictures.A little hedgehog named Herbee and a Bengal kitty called Aundree are adopted siblings and the best of friends.The pair lives in Germany with their pet-mom, Talitha Girnus, and share breathtaking pictures of their shared adventures and adorable friendship on their Instagram, Facebook and website.

Girnus photographs the sweet pair as they go on different adventures – sometimes to some jaw-droppingly gorgeous locations – and the results are amazing.Speaking to Bored Panda, Girnus revealed the pair, despite their differences, are deeply fond of each other and have grown completely inseparable.

Audrey constantly follows little Herbee around and the pair even enjoy snuggling up together.

Their adorable friendship has been beautifully captured by Girnus.