Cat Befriends Stray Kitten from Yard and Brings Him Home So Family Adopt Him


Meet Klarieke, a proud owner of 3 cats, so you expect plenty of fluff balls and meowing to go around.
Up until last summer, she thought that 3 cats was enough, the most recently rescued was called Stavros, and he was only rescued around a year before.Soon after being rescued, Stavros became the leader of the trio of cats. He seemed to live a life on his own and answer to nobody.

Stavros, who is the white and ginger cat, found a little stray cat in his backyard scrounging for food. By the time the rest of the family found out about it, Stavros had already befriended the stray kitty.We have come to find out that Stavros has a soft spot for stray kittens due to them having a similar history to his.Stavros showed sympathy to the stray kitty who has a similar history to his

Firstly, to see if the stray had an owner, Kalrieke asked around in the neighborhood to see if anyone was missing a kitten, but to no avail.

During this time, the kitten never stopped coming back to the house to hang around with Stavros, they seemed to click right away and were continuing their relationship.

Stavros even even gave his own food to him.

So eventually, Kalrieke decided to take in the stray and name him Charlie.

Klarieke couldn’t leave the kitten as a stray after discovering he had no owner, especially after seeing how Stavros had taken him in.

So she started feeding the kitten herself and adopted him into her kitty family, which was now 4 cats large.

Stavros took it upon himself to show Charlie around the house

After taking a few days to adjust, Stavros showed him the ropes of how to behave as a house cat. Charlie began to eventually relax and let Klarieke give him cuddles as he slowly shifted to being a house (lap) cat.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Klarieke said:

“Stavros is the ‘leader,’ but Charlie doesn’t care about that because we are sure that he really loves Stavros. They are together all the time, outside or inside the house. Charlie is a bit of a messy, but also a very kind soul and loving.”

The house now has 4 cats: Charlie, Jack, Stavros and Louis

And regarding the story going somewhat viral on the internet she said:

“Well, it’s just a happy story about cute cats. I think that’s what people like about it. Tomorrow, there will be another story going viral, so I don’t want to make it bigger than it is. I’m not very special or something, I just couldn’t let the little kitten die.”

“[Charlie] spends most of his time playing and gets along with the other cats in the house. He became familiar with us and today, he loves to stay in our lap to receive affection. We adopted him so recently and he already receives all the attention and affection that other cats receive. Because he is still a kitten, we are teaching him to do the right things, of course, with the help of Stavros.”

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