Cat Checks On Dog During Storm To Make Sure He’s OK

Mary Barnes rescued a cat named Marvin to introduce to her 7-year-old dog, Moose, in hopes they’d be playmates and best friends. Moose had never interacted with cats before, but she’s the sweetest dog you could ask for. And lo and behold, it worked! The two instantly took to each other.

When they all moved into an apartment in downtown Detroit, that’s when Mom noticed Moose starting to become more sensitive to loud noises. Anything from fireworks to thunderstorms would send her running to hide in her safe place — the shower.And one night, they had the biggest storm they’d experienced since moving to Detroit.

And Mary couldn’t believe it when the cat went to check in on her dog friend to make sure he was OK.

Marvin was concerned and refused to let Moose sit there scared and all alone.

“He went back and forth to her in the shower to check in,” Mary told The Dodo. “It distracted [Moose] from the storm for a little bit because she leaned down to give him kisses!”

After the storm passed, Marvin and Moose went back to their normal lives of playing and napping! How sweet is this? Sometimes we just need that friend to let us know everything is going to be all right.